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Collectively we have tried over 300 cases to verdict.

Over the past 30 years, the attorneys at Potter DeAgostino & Clark have tried to verdict over 300 cases in federal and state courts in Michigan as well as six other states. Potter DeAgostino & Clark has won over 95% of these cases. Potter DeAgostino & Clark lawyers are in federal and state courtrooms on a weekly basis. Our lawyers have earned the respect of judges across the country because our lawyers are always thoroughly prepared on the facts and law whenever we appear in court.

Potter DeAgostino & Clark lawyers have developed significant relationships with expert witnesses and technical consultants in numerous subject matters including but not limited to, accident reconstruction, biomechanical engineering, electrical engineering/cause and origin investigations, as well as nearly every medical specialty and sub-specialty. Potter DeAgostino & Clark in conjunction with its experts and technical consultants, is able to investigate property and casualty accidents immediately which more often than not, is the key to a successful defense or prosecution of a lawsuit.

Whether your case involves a business transaction, employment issue, civil rights issue or a property and/or casualty loss, Potter DeAgostino & Clark is the right choice for your legal needs.